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Sleep Master Sleep Mask Review
  • 9/10
    Light & Sound Blockage - 9.0/10
  • 10/10
    Comfort - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
    Portability - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Ease To Clean - 10/10
  • 9.5/10
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This mask has really come in handy in any situations where I need to block out all light to sleep. It’s comfy, blocks out light as it’s supposed to, and I can carry it anywhere!

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Sleep is one of the most, if not the most important thing to most of us. People that sacrifice quality sleep tends to suffer from poor health, lack of focus, higher irritability and a bunch of other unwanted problems.

As discussed in the review on the best lamp alarm on the market, light is crucial in regulating our circadian rhythm, which dictates when we feel the most awake and when we can get the most restful sleep.

In the case of the lamp alarm, we’re using light to our advantage by resetting our circadian rhythm to fit our schedule of sleeping and being awake.

We also went over how artificial lighting and unwanted lights can mess with our circadian rhythm, making it harder sleep when we need, resulting in lack of concentration, focus and energy.

The other things like sound, temperature, and a comfortable surface all comes down to the environment we’re in. If we’re in our bedroom, on our comfy bed, with the door closed, and the temp set to a cool 65º F or so, it’s not too hard to fall asleep. Plus we get to close the curtains on the windows!

But we don’t always get the luxury of blocking out light. We all know that all light, no matter how dim, is visible even with our eyes closed. They make it that much harder to fall asleep.

In light of this (yes, pun intended 🙂 ), I decided to do some digging for the best sleep mask available on the market. And after trying it myself, I can confidently say I’ve found the best sleep mask on the market right now.

Introducing the Sleep Master Sleep Mask.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is a one size fits all satin sleep mask that covers the entire circumference of our heads. There’s a velcro strap that wraps around the back of our heads to secure the mask in place.

The outside of the mask is made of a synthetic, hypoallergenic, latex free material. The inside is made of soft cotton, which makes for a soft feel from the mask.

Since it wraps around the entire circumference of our heads, the mask covers our ears as well.

Overall, the mask looks really cool. But how well does it perform? Let’s find out.

Light & Sound Blockage

As I just mentioned, the mask covers our ears as well when we put it on. This gives us noise reduction on top of the light blockage. This is more than I can say for any other mask with a similar price tag.

As far as the light blockage, I personally can’t see any light once I put this on. Just as an experiment, I’ve put the mask on lying down on the grass in a park at noon on a sunny day with no clouds. When I position it on my face exactly right, I don’t see ANY light come through at all.

Of course, this is facing the sun directly with no shade at all. I don’t think most of us are sleeping like that.

But that was just my own curiosity on how good the light blockage was. And every time I use it, whether taking a nap in my car, or just sleeping without closing the curtains, I have no problem with light blockage.

Just as a side note, I have a bigger than average nose (go ahead and laugh). If this mask works with the way my nose is, I think it’ll work for pretty much everyone else.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask
Me With My Sleep Master Sleep Mask

As far as the sound blockage, it’s nothing too impressive.

It doesn’t block out sounds completely, but it does muffle ambient noises to an extent. For me, it’s enough to be fall asleep even if there’s a conversation going on 5 feet away from me. I can still hear different noises, so it’s not complete sound elimination. I found this feature to be especially useful in airport terminals, on public transportation, or any other environment with unwanted noise.

And that’s more than what other sleep masks can do.


This is easily the second, if not the most important factor to consider for sleep masks. Some of us actually consider this to be way more important that light blockage.

That’s understandable because how are we to suppose to fall asleep with something uncomfortable around our heads?

With the Sleep Master Sleep Mask, comfort is its number one feature.

The cotton center of the mask makes for a soft feel, while the synthetic outer cover gives a smooth, comfortable touch around the eyes. The hypoallergenic, latex free material makes it suitable for anyone.

It’s secured around our heads with a velcro strap, which gives us the option to adjust the tightness of the mask. Me and my big head had no trouble getting a comfy fit, so I don’t see many having trouble with sizing. It is one size fits all.

Compare that with the traditional sleep masks with the nylon strings that wrap around our ears. How is that suppose to be in anyway comfortable? Ugh!

Those strings tug on the back of our ears in order to keep mask on right. And that’s given that it fits us. The fit of those traditional masks depends on the resistance of the straps and the size of our heads. They can easily be too tight for our ears or not tight enough to hold the mask in place.

Talk about inconvenience!

The velcro strap on the Sleep Master Sleep Mask eliminates that problem altogether. There’s no need to worry about fit OR any discomfort, at ALL. The mask material is super breathable, which keeps our eye and ear area from burning up.

As I mentioned in the last section, my big nose had no trouble with getting the mask on properly. I can confidently say the nose area of the mask is more than enough for most of us.

There are times even when I have the curtains closed in my bedroom, I’d still wear this mask just in case my parents come in and opens then up. The comfort level of this mask is such that I wouldn’t mind putting it on even if I don’t necessarily need it.

Overall, the comfort of this sleep mask is excellent.

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Sleep masks are the most useful when we’re not at home. For most of us, it’s for the situations when we need to sleep in situations that aren’t particularly great for sleeping.

To put it simply, there’s no problem with carrying this thing around.

I know, I know, it sounds like a dumb aspect to consider for a sleep mask. After all, when have sleep masks ever posed a problem with portability?

Sleep Master Sleep Mask
Size of the Sleep Mask, Quarter for Reference

When I talk about portability, I’m talking about the potential problems that traditional sleep masks has when we carry it around along with say, our luggage during traveling.

The strings on those masks can easily get tangled with other things we store with it. This makes it too easy to tear those strings when we’re looking for our sleep mask.

No need to worry about that with our sleep mask.

No loose parts, and nothing to tangle or get caught with other items we might be carrying. We simply fold the mask in half and velcro strap it together. It fits easily into a zip lock bag that comes with the mask.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask
Sleep Mask Fits Easily in The Small Bag

Of course we can put traditional sleep masks in individual bags as well. But in the case they’re not on hand or if lose the bag, we don’t have to worry about compromising our sleep mask when we’re digging for it.

Ease To Clean

If we’re regularly using this sleep mask, we definitely want to be washing it regularly too. And the Sleep Master Sleep Mask makes for easy washing.

The synthetic material is hand-washable, so we don’t have to throw it in the washing machine. Since the inside of the mask is made of cotton, all we need to do is hang it up to dry or throw it in a dryer.

Again, with no elastic strings, it’s a whole lot easier to clean than traditional sleep masks. Simply scrub the mask with warm soapy water and rinse off.


At the end of the day, the price is the deciding factor for a lot of us. It’s a great product, if the price is right!

In this case, I think the price is very reasonable. This mask provides a lot more than your traditional sleep mask. And I mean A LOT more.

No worries about fit and comfort, which is one of the most important factor dictating how easily we can fall asleep. Because of the great fit, there’s no problems with light blockage.

AND we get sound reduction on top of that.

This is all in one simple sleep mask.

If you’re interested in getting better sleep, without having to deal with clumsy and bothersome sleep masks, I think this decision is a no-brainer.

Check out what thousands of others who’ve used this think of this great product.

So are you ready for some great sleep?

Stay healthy,


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10 thoughts on “Best Sleep Mask Review

  1. I have the hardest time sleeping. I am very sensitive to light but I have a problem keeping these things on my head. Would you say it stays put well? I have used others and they always end up around my neck. I am really appreciative of finding your review though. Not many take the time to give and insightful review on something as simple as sleep masks. Thank you!

    1. Jennifer,

      I have no problem with these staying on. Because you get to adjust the tightness of the mask, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone in my opinion. The velcro strap at the ends make that very easy.


  2. Hi Wing,

    I found your review very informative and entertaining, and I’ve really enjoyed the reading!
    My husband always watches television in the evening and most of the time he falls in sleep with the tv on. I’ve always searched for a solution for me to be able to sleep well without being disturb by the television.
    I would like to try this mask, and I think this could be a superb solution to this problem!
    Just a question. Do you ship out of US?
    Thank you very much for this excellent review!

  3. Every time I get off the plane I am exhausting from hardly sleeping for the whoe ten or more hours flight. This would be very useful, as I can block out all the lights, and even some of the sounds. I should have thought of buying such a mask myself.

  4. I think this is really suitable for those who have to take their nap or sleep in not-so private places. It feels fresher to sleep in dark condition than with light turned on. As for me, I’m not sensitive to light. But maybe it’s a good idea to have one if I tend to travel more in the future.

  5. I wish this had been around when I was working night shift. I have never been able to sleep in the day time and maybe this would have helped. I have a very small face and the mask looks quite big. Does it really fit all sizes or is it adjustable? I really like the fact that it covers you rears as well because I am a light sleeper and it doesn’t take much to wake me. This is an excellent review of a really good product. Thanks for all the information you have given me.

    1. Margaret,

      Yes it is one-size fits all. Even if you have a small head, the end parts of the mask can be tied into a knot and then velcro together. It’s still comfy that way according to my friends who’ve tried it on using that method.


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