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The 3 main topics we cover on this platform is life, nutrition, and physical training. Although these are 3 separate topics, each requiring its own unique approach to achieve success in, there’s one aspect that unites them all.

Our mindset, hence the name given to this blog.

Although we have different ways of dominating those different goals in our lives, whether it’s fitness, wealth, relationships, etc. It all starts with our mindset, for 2 main reasons:

  1. It’s something internal, so it’s within our complete control
  2. EVERYTHING else stems from there

A lot of us are probably familiar with the frustration of trying to control something external. It doesn’t work does it?

It may be someone’s behavior or their emotions, or maybe it’s the way we’re treated by others, or any other external factors outside of ourselves.

That’s because none of us have 100% control over anything except for ourselves.

Our mindset however, is entirely within our control, at all times.

The second point illustrates the impact our mindset has in our lives. Whatever we think of, we do, we act it out, we talk about, we share with our friends and family.

Basically, our mindset becomes our life, and vice versa.

That’s why when people run into hardships in life over and over, their mindset can become negative towards life in general.

If one unfortunate event after another hits you, it’s hard to not get down.

Yet, this is the time to remember point #1, WE are in control of our mindset because it’s entirely internal. Although external things might affect it, we are in control of it still.

Forging The Unbeatable Mind

A while back I finished a great book called “Unbeatable Mind: Forging Resilience and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level” by Mark Divine. I was pleasantly surprised at how many points made in the book is reflected in my own life.

The content really resonated with me and I can truly understand where Divine was coming from. Although I personally don’t have any military background, I can relate to the feelings and some of the experiences he relates to.

This is a must-read for anyone that’s not just looking to build mental toughness, but want to dominate this journey that we know as life.

I’ll be giving you guys a brief review of Divine’s book and what you guys can expect from it.

Check It Out HERE

There are 5 general sections to the book, with 2 chapters from each section. I personally have the ebook, which shows the illustrations in the Appendix of the book instead of in the text body.

There is also am exercise that Divine provides in the Appendix that we can all do everyday to start the day off right.

The last thing in the Appendix is a list of books recommended by Divine for difference subject matters such as success and philosophy, fitness and nutrition, military history, and the warrior spirit.

Without further ado, let’s get to the meats and potatoes of this!

Uncover Your Why

Divine starts off by relating his experience testing for his black belt in Seido Karate. He then goes into a series of questions that we should ask ourselves, which stemmed from an obstacle he had encountered during his test.

This section sets the foundation of the unbeatable mindset, finding out the “Why” in our lives and setting the purpose and undertone for the actions we take and decisions we make.

Divine then goes into why it’s important that we meditate in silence and ponder over the answers we’ve came up with to the questions he had posed earlier.

A technique is then introduced to see ourselves in an objective light. Without giving it away, this technique helps us overcome the mental barrier and assumptions that our perception is the reality.

To finish the first chapter, Divine poses 4 additional questions that we all can benefit from by answering. The importance of these answers cannot be overstated, they’re what’s going to carry us through the rest of the our lives.

In Chapter two, Divine talks about the root cause why so many are mentally weak, or just not as tough as they can be.

Stress is the main problem in many of our lives according to Divine. Actually, not so much the stress itself but more how each of us respond and handle the stress.

Crush Your Stress, Don’t Let It Crush You

A lot of us face similar stressful situations on a regular basis. Sure, some of us have more obligations than others and they can cause additional stress. But it’s not uncommon to see those in similar stressful situations handle it in extremely different ways.

And Divine gives the techniques to handle stress, and lists out the benefits of managing stress the way he has prescribed. The benefits extend far beyond just physical and mental, they include improvements in character and attitude and many others.

A brief review of the big four elements of mental toughness is given. We then wrap up the chapter with emotional resiliency and the four attitudes that comprises that trait.

Develop Warrior Discipline

The second section is all about self-mastery and the power of service, as the names of the chapters imply.

This section starts off with Divine giving his own experience when his actions were not aligning with his purpose, or what he really wanted to do. He talks about how this affected him.

Divine introduces what he calls the “Five Mountains” that are essential for anyone wanting to achieve success in their personal lives. He describes what each one means and why they’re so important to our success.

Then we’re shown the four different disciplines of a warrior. Divine relates real life experiences to these disciplines and shows how and why they are so applicable in each of our lives, regardless of our endeavors.

The power of service is introduced in the next chapter, which goes into detail about how three main characteristics play a pivotal role in developing mental toughness.

These traits are often overlooked due to many associating mental toughness with hard, stone-cold, emotionless traits. But Divine explains here why being of service to others out of our hearts is one of the true signs of being mentally tough.

Cultivate Excellence

Divine stressed the importance of being self aware in this section. He gives us the three spheres of awareness, each being different and having its own place in our lives, but at the same time are interdependent on each other.

We then discover the importance of not seeing the world through our own lenses only, and take into the count the varying believes and cultural norms of others. Divine gives specific examples and other reasons why we may have difficulties doing this.

The next part gets pretty deep, as we’re given the several different “Universal Laws” as Divine defines them. Divine believes it’s necessary to reflect on these and see how our own personal views interact with these laws.

Divine closes out the chapter with four different methods to develop self awareness. In addition to the methods and principles he had already outlined in this chapter, these last four methods puts everything together.

In the next chapter, we’re told an experience Divine once had in an operation as a Navy Seal Officer. This experience taught him how much trust mattered in developing mental toughness.

Both trusting others and also displaying actions and characteristics that deserves trust from others are equally important.

Are We Given Trust By Others?

We’re given a list of common myths about trustworthiness in our society, and then some common methods we can use to work on and improve our own individual trustworthiness with others.

We then see the value in leadership, and how integrity plays a role in each of us exhibiting leadership in our lives.

We also read about the other four important aspects of being a leader, and how each of them are essential when it comes to developing proper leadership that leads to mental toughness.

To finish off this section, Divine gives us a shortened version of the Navy Seal Ethos, a code, a set of standards and principles the Navy Seals live by.

>>Ready for more? Get all this in full detail here<<

Earn Your Trident Everyday

The two chapters in this section shows us the finer points of leadership, and also that of a protector.

Divine uses an illustration to show how most of the people in the world wonder about aimlessly, vulnerable and easily subjected to various types of hardships.

A small group of people belong to another group that basically picks on these people, taking whatever they want and hurting the masses.

Divine describes that having an unbeatable mind means belonging to a small group that’s situated in between this group and the masses, a sheepdog so to speak.

He gives six tips on how to master the duties of those belonging in this group, plus the importance of being to switch this on and off and not be in “battle” mode all the time.

The second part of this section gets into the nitty gritty details of leadership skills.

Leader Of The Pack
Are You Showing The Traits Of A Leader?

Divine gives countless examples and real life experiences of why self-control and having a sound mind is of utmost importance. Having the right and proper intuition is more important than just having intuition in general.

And we’re shown what the four biggest productivity killers are. These are a result from having the wrong type of thinking and are much more prevalent than we think.

Steps are then given and broken down into phases on how to set our goals in such a way to maximize the chances of success. Strategies on executing those goals and the attitude to keep during our mission are explained in detail.

Build Your Team And Take Action

The last section of the book reminds us that in order to truly succeed in this world, none of us can do it alone. No longer do any of us have to rely on ourselves only.

We each have help, but the meaning of being a leader with an unbeatable mind means we interact with others in a certain way.

The first chapter of this section is filled with exercises and suggestions on how to train our team to optimize success. It’s written from the point of a leader, which is exactly what we’re striving to be when it’s time to guide our team to success.

Team Spirit
It All Comes Back To The Team

Putting all of this together, Divine talks about the unwavering resolve of warriors in our history and also those that led their countries to victories, despite overwhelming odds.

We’re then given the five key components to obtaining this resolve and in turn building the required mental toughness that leads to an unbeatable mind.

Divine then does an excellent summary of the major points throughout the book, going over each one and embodying them into a single chapter that describes all the crucial elements to successfully adopt the unbeatable mind.

Lastly, Divine gives us his ten secrets to success in the Afterword. This is probably one of the most valuable sections in the entire book. It rounds out everything that was said and allows us to remind ourselves what it takes to acquire an unbeatable mind.

Applying It In Our Lives

Divine has put a great deal of effort into this book, and given us a lot of his own personal experience. Lessons he learned, hardships he endured, and incidents he’s observed throughout his lifetime that can help us forge mental toughness are spelled out here.

But simply reading this book won’t do us much good. If we’re truly serious about building an unbeatable mind, one that rivals the toughness of Navy Seals, then we need to put it all into action.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, check out Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind here today.

Not too sure yet? See what others have thought about it here.

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I've just started getting serious about health and fitness around 2014. Since then I've learned the insider info on how to optimize athletic performance and healthy living through both nutrition and proper training. The most important thing I've discovered however, is the connection between the mindset of those that excel in athletics, and those that succeed in their life pursuits. I've spent the last couple years observing and drawing these connections and similarities, finally created a platform to share with you all what I've found, and how to apply them in your own life to get similar results.

10 thoughts on “How To Change Your Mind To The Unbeatable Mind

  1. Wing! I believe I’ve read your stuff before! GOOD READS EVERY TIME! As cliche as it is, you control your every emotion and thought. I like to mentally remove variables that alter my mind set. Add that with some music that is uplifting and BOOM, a moment of altered thought! Then take one problem, (and only one) and create a solution. Jot this down of course then move the next. After you solve them in your head and on paper, add them to your calendar and just take one day at a time! This is the keey to a clear, in the moment mind.

  2. Great article! I think it can not only be applied to your topics such as nutrition, but I think it can be applied to just about anything that you are trying to do. I think the same mindset can be applied to starting or running your own business or even being a good parent (as your kids will definitely try you). Sounds like a great book! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. This is an excellent review. I’m always looking for something new to read, and and have recently been looking for books that will actually benefit me, as opposed to the fiction that I usually go for. This is now on my “must read” list, thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  4. There are so many things that have an effect on the mind. The 3 main topics life, nutrition, and physical training being tied together with Mind Set are amazing. The “Unbeatable Mind: Forging Resilience and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level” by Mark Divine sounds like a must read for everyone that wants a better life.
    Learning some how-to techniques to handle stress, will be a huge benefit to anyone. Divine’s ten secrets to success would be worth getting the book all by itself.
    I loved this review and plan on getting this wonderful book.
    I wonder how much it has helped you.
    Thanks Keith

  5. Thanks for writing this review. I have never read this book, but it sounds really interesting. I am into personal development and love to find new books that will help me on my journey through Life.

    This seems like an excellent example of a book that might be able to help me master controlling my mind. Have you any other suggestions of books that may help?



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