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Product Name: Per 2 LED Daylight Lamp

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Company: Nature Bright

Per 2 LED Daylight Lamp Review
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This lamp has worked surprisingly well for me. I hated the alarm clocks and this was the answer I was looking for. There’s nothing like waking up to natural light. The feeling of being awaken to that is much, much better and refreshing that any alarm clock!

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By a show of hands, how many of us have used a loud ringing alarm clock before? I think most of you’d have your hands in the air right now, myself included.

I used to have a digital alarm and that didn’t do anything but wake the rest of the house up. My parents would come in my room to shut it off for me and I wouldn’t even know it.

I then moved onto the classic metal-ringer-with-two-bells-on-the-sides alarm clock. You know, the kind that we all saw on cartoons? Yea, I nearly woke up to a heart attack everyday. And I’d feel antsy the entire morning waking up to it. It’s like I was jolted awake and somehow my restful state was so disrupted I didn’t feel rested at all. Needless to say, that thing didn’t last long.

I tried another sound alarm clock after that, but this time it was a soothing sound alarm. There were five options: river, deep sea, trickling water, birds chirping, or rainfall.

Anything except for the birds definitely did not help make wake up.

For a while this soothing sound alarm worked great. But on some days, I wouldn’t wake up to it at all. My mom would tell me in the morning that she’d hear the birds chirping for 20 minutes straight and got tired of it and shut the alarm off for me.

So it worked on some days but other days it was the same as the old digital alarms.

The one day I read about light or lamp alarms. These alarms wakes us up by slowly turning on its light to mimic the rising of the sun during dawn. I figure why not give it a try and bought one of the best valued ones from Amazon.

Lo and behold, I still have it to this day and it’s been a bit over a year now. Haven’t had any trouble waking up to my lamp alarm and it’s still working like it was one day 1.

So I introduce to you the Nature Bright Per 2 LED Daylight Lamp.

Per 2 LED Daylight Lamp

This lamp alarm really is top notch in my opinion. If all you’re looking for is a reliable lamp alarm that can also serve as a clock and a lamp, then this lamp is all that you’ll need for all those functions.

The lamp has 6 LEDs, which switches on with a press of a button. It only uses 3 of the 6 diodes to in its normal daylight and evening mode. For Day mode, it switches onto bright light and uses all 6 diodes.

The 6 LEDs On The Lamp

It’s outlet powered, which most alarms are so the even having the option to switch to battery wasn’t important to me. Bringing on my travels isn’t too much of a hassle, I just wrap up the power cord and pack it to go.

The footprint is pretty compact for a lamp. If you have room to put a regular lamp light, then you have more than enough space for this.

Enough about the the looks, let’s get into the review!


As I alluded to before, I’ve had no trouble waking up since using this lamp alarm. The light comes on about a half hour before the set alarm time. But the light doesn’t just turn on like any other light…

It starts out as a dim light, almost like a distance campfire light in the woods.

Then minute by minute, the light gets brighter and brighter, imitating the rays from the rising sun at dawn.

The great thing is that I’ve often woken up a few minutes before the set alarm time. And here is the best part…

The waking up part is a gradual, easy, “oh I feel it’s morning and time to get out of bed” feeling type of waking up. No loud, startling noise to jolt us out of bed.

And the feeling after waking is one that’s refreshed, alert, energized, and ready to tackle the day.

The reason behind why we feel so refreshed after being exposed to this light is because of the lamp’s Auto-Shifting Color Temperature technology. This technology adjusts the color of the light to simulate sunlight, which resets our internal body clock to when it should wake and sleep.

How many of us are exposed to indoor and artificial lighting most of our waking hours? Office lights, TV screens, mobile phones, computer screens (oh the irony here), etc.

They do nothing for us except mess with our internal body clocks and screw up our circadian rhythm.

Remember a 2 part article from a while back that mentioned circadian rhythms? Check them out if you want a refresher on how they pretty much dictate our wake and sleep patterns.

This lamp helps us reset that so we can wake and sleep according to our schedule, AND feel energized every time we wake and ready to sleep every time we go to bed.

Even when I started my polyphasic sleep schedule I’ve been relying on this baby. As tough as it was at first to adapt, I definitely would not have been able to do it without the use of this lamp.


The is an alarm, a lamp, and a clock. And being those 3 things gives us a variety of functions, but most of its usefulness lies in the technology to change light intensities.

As said before, this light can help us reset our circadian rhythm, which is done by exposing us to the morning light, but also the evening light.

Yes, this lamp also has a Dusk Simulator in addition to the Dawn Simulator.

We can set the time range when the Dusk Simulator light comes on and have it turn off automatically after a certain time period. It’s the same process that we set the time range for the Dawn Simulator and the Day Simulator.

For example, we might go to bed around 10 pm. So we can set the Dusk Simulator to turn on around 9:30 pm. If we’re in bed by then we may be reading a book or doing other non-stimulating stuff. When 10 pm rolls around the lamp slowly transitions the light off (turn off would make it sound too abrupt because the light does in fact seem light it transitions off slowly).

Obviously it help if we’re in the room basking in that light since it preps our bodies for sleep. Using that light to take care of our activities before bed is much better than using artificial light.

The intensities of the light in each mode can be set as well. This caters to each individuals’ sensitivity to the brightness of the lamp.

And just as a backup measure, there is a backup sound alarm we can set if we are worry about sleeping in the light 🙂

Range Of Motion

This might seem like an odd factor to consider because who really cares that much about the range of motion of a lamp? In the case of this lamp alarm, it’s a huge bonus.

The rod of the lamp has 180º side to side rotation movement, so it can twist to the left and right completely.

It can also has 100º forward and backward movement as well, as shown in the two images below:


LED Lamp
Back Range Of Motion


LED Lamp
Forward Range Of Motion

These ranges of motion let us either concentrate the light onto a single spot, or we can set the lamp back and let the light illuminate the entire room.

The images also show the range of motion for the head of the lamp as well. That part of the lamp has 300º all around movement, so we can twist it backward, forward, up and down to get the exact orientation we want.

And this helps a lot in illuminating the whole room as demonstrated in the first image.

But I personally would like to be able to point the light a bit towards the ceiling as this can illuminate a big room easier. But overall this lamp has a great range of motion.

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Ease Of Use

The user friendly interface of this product pretty much speaks for itself. There are only 7 buttons total, including the power button, select up and down button, and the light intensity up and down buttons. This leaves the 2 buttons used for option selections.

The product comes with a full instruction guide on how to set the lamp up, how to set your alarm, the ranges of times we’d like to have each simulator come on, etc.

The power cord plugs right into a socket in the back of the base unit. Plug it into an active outlet and you’re ready to go.

The rod and the head of the lamp itself is adjustable by hand. Simply move it in the orientation you want it to be in.

When we’re only using it as a lamp, which I do a lot of times, just press the power button once to turn on and once to turn off. No worries about the other fancy functions getting in the way of a standard procedure just because it can do so many other things.

As complex as this lamp may seem, it was surprisingly easy to use and with the instruction guide, I had no problems learning how to navigate through the system.


The final and probably the most important point for a lot of us, the $$$ of this lamp.

The price for this product is very reasonable in my opinion. I think buying this one lamp for the purpose of an alarm, a clock, and a lamp for its price is a great deal.

It comes with both Dawn and Dusk Simulator functions along with Auto-Shifting Color Temperature Lights that aids in resetting our circadian rhythm.

A lot of similar priced products on the market doesn’t have all the functions this lamp has. Some are just light therapy lamps, with the sole purpose of resetting our circadian rhythm and nothing else.

This does that and a whole lot more to help us feel energized and refreshed when we wake, and primed for restful sleep when we go to bed.

If we work the graveyard shift, or we have to sleep with the drapes closed because of outside light, this product is perfect! Not only will we still sleep soundly, we can wake up to morning sunlight and our bodies and minds will thank us for it!

Overall I think this is a great product for anyone to have. If you’ve had trouble with alarm clocks, waking up, falling asleep, or other sleep related issues, why not give this a try? It’s cheaper than a visit to the doctor’s office.

Stay healthy,


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10 thoughts on “Light Alarm Clock- A Thorough Review

  1. I’ve been looking everywhere for something like this! I do agree that the old-fashioned noisy alarms just don’t do it for me and definitely also not for my heart. I was just wondering if it’s necessary to face the lamp when you sleep but that can’t be of course because you don’t know which way you’ll be facing when you have to wake up in the morning or what am I missing here? Unless it is strong enough to fill the whole room with enough light to wake you up?

    1. Michael,

      Yes, this light illuminates the whole room, especially if your adjust the rod and lamp head up and back. The feeling you get is like sunlight shining in through the window and you just wake naturally.

      It definitely helps to have the lamp facing your general direction.


  2. This is probably the best alarm clock in the world. Just like you, I also realized that sunlight is the best waking device in the whole world. My teacher once told me the reason is because it activates your cortisol or something like that.

    This light is also quiet and won’t make me have a panic attack. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Blame,

      I think you’re correct, one of the hormones released upon waking is cortisol. And without the sound, the light lamp really is an awesome way to wake up.


  3. I had never heard of a light alarm.. it makes sense though. The light comes on a little at a time to mimic natural light. In the morning, the sunlight come on, little-by-little.
    Again, I think whoever came up with the idea was pretty ingenious! The old fashioned alarm clocks can be a nucence

  4. A nice and detailed review on light alarm clock. I had never heard about it before after reading your article, I found it quite essential for our daily life. The best part is that it is a clock with alarm and also a lamp a lamp at the same time. Also, I like the range of motion of the lamp. And definitely, the light is best part of the lamp that will help up to get up naturally.

  5. I never thought that products like this exist. I have been thinking about how to automate the curtain in my bedroom to open during the dawn. It is much easier waking up when the room is properly lighted up. I thought of putting motor controls on the curtain, until I saw your review.

    Just curious, can I mount it on the wall or instead of having it on a table or on the floor?

    1. Kenny,

      I’m not sure about mounting it onto a wall. I know its fine if you set it on a flat surface.

      I personally set it on top of a cabinet I have so it shines down on my bed from above.


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