In the pursuit of weight loss, a lot of people have turned to various types of training methods like HIIT, fasted training, high intensity and low rep weight training, etc.

However, even more focus has been put on nutrition and the different diets that all promises dramatic weight loss success. As discussed in a 3 part article before, one such diet is the high-fat, low-carb diet, or better yet known as the Ketogenic Diet.

In this diet, our body starts to use fatty acids for energy instead of glucose. This process becomes more efficient over time, so those starting out on it for the first time might not be using fatty acids as much as those that have been on the Keto Diet for a while.

The important thing here is that instead of simply going by the “Calories In=Calories Out” rule, which we’ve explained way back why it’s an oversimplification of weight loss, our body will be burning fat continuously because of the hormone insulin being low.

As our body starts to burn fat more efficiently and gets use to breaking down our own fatty tissues for fuel, the need to glucose becomes less and less.

We’re not as dependent on external sources of glucose, as our liver can generate the glucose we need as we sleep during a process of gluconeogenesis.

This results in a whole host of health benefits: low to no levels of hunger, improved cognitive abilities, improved physical endurance, improved longevity, just to name a few.

But as we all know if you’ve read my 3 part article series on low-carb, the process to become ketogenic adapted, fat-adapted, or whatever you want to call the process of being able to burn fat efficiently, takes time.

Especially if our body have been reliant on glucose for its main source of energy for a long time, it’s going to fight against the change of fuel source.

After all, they don’t call it the “Keto Flu” for nothing.

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Why The Withdrawal?

Just like someone trying to quit cigarettes, drugs, or other addictive habits, withdrawal symptoms can be expected when we try to quit relying on glucose for energy.

Withdrawal Symptoms
Headaches, Dizziness, Cranky Mood

Yes, I am comparing glucose to other addictive substances. That’s because whether we’re consciously addicted to it or not, our body and brain definitely is (at least if we’ve been eating lots of carbs all our life).

More specifically, our body, the hormones, and the way it reacts to different types of foods makes it seem like its addicted to glucose for its energy effects.

So what’s exactly happening when we minimize or eliminate external sources of glucose like carbs from our diet and take in more fats instead?

What is going on in our body that creates these flu-like symptoms?

Going Through The Process

To understand the entire process, we need to start with looking at the biological process of someone whose body is primed to burn glucose for energy.

Let’s call him Bob.

Bob’s been on a high-carb diet for all his life, having “healthy whole grains” with every meal. Bob believes that by eating at least 3 meals per day with snacks in between, he’s doing the best for his body by keeping his blood sugar somewhat steady.

The carbs Bob eats breaks down into glucose in the bloodstream. Upon detecting glucose in the blood, the pancreas secretes the hormone insulin to carry the glucose to his muscles, which is stored in the form of glycogen.

Once the muscles are completely filled with glycogen, any glucose in the blood are then transported to the liver.

Once that’s full as well, there’s only one place where the remaining glucose can go. Yup, Bob’s fat cells.

Of course, some of that glucose is being used up by Bob’s brain. The amount varies per individual but most likely depends on the amount of brain activity going on.

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So this constant supply of glucose provides for steady levels of energy, which makes Bob feel energized throughout the day.

But Bob doesn’t like the fact that he needs to eat so often to feel energized. He realizes that if he misses a meal, or if there weren’t enough carbs in that meal, he feels groggy and lethargic, even cranky.

Okay, More Than Just A Strip Of Fat

He also sees that he has a hard time losing fat. He’s always got this strip of blubber around his waist that just doesn’t seem to go away, regardless of how much he works out.

So Bob looks into why some people can fast for 24 hours or more and still feel great. He sees that some have shown great success with weight loss when they cut out the carbs in their diet.

So Bob gives it a try. He cuts out the obvious sugars like candy, sodas, and other sugar laden junk food. He’s also careful to avoid all processed carbs like bread, pastries, basically flour in any form.

In place of the carbs, Bob takes in more high quality, healthy fats like grass-fed butter, avocados, pasture-raised eggs, unprocessed, organic meats, etc. He’s also getting his fair share of organic vegetables, which becomes his only source of carbs.

The first day, Bob feels the same as before. He feels the craving to for the usual bread and other carb-filled foods, but he fights the urge and sticks to his regimen.

The second day however, is when things went bonkers.

The Hormone’s Fault

With Bob’s decreased carb intake, his glycogen stores quickly ran out. The glucose level drops in his blood and both his body and brain feel the need for more glucose for energy.

But Bob’s not giving it any by abstaining from carbs.

In turn, the body attempts to break down it’s fat stores and convert them into ketones for energy. But there are 2 things getting in the way…

  1. Bob’s decades of high carb eating has primed his system for glucose, not ketones. This means his body is inefficient at breaking down fat cells for fuel. It still happens, but just not at the rate as someone who’s been at low carb for longer.
  2. Depending on Bob’s metabolic condition, his insulin may still be elevated even after all those hours of eating carbs. And the presence of insulin prevents the breakdown of fat cells.

So with no energy from glucose, and only a trickle of energy coming in from fat cell breakdown, Bob gets the lethargic, cranky feeling.

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His body are telling him to eat carbs to stop this crappy feeling.

One Way To Get Around This

In my personal journey to becoming fat-adapted, I’ve found one trick along the way that makes the transition process much, much easier.

And when I say much easier, I mean exponentially easier.

There Is Hope After All!

As in none to barely any signs of the “Keto Flu”, energy for days, no lethargic feelings or being cranky. I couldn’t even tell I was transitioning into a fat-adapted state until I started to see the fat melting off!

This is coming from a guy who’s been eating bowls of rice for dinner every day of his life for over 25 years, along with all sorts of floury pastries throughout the week.

So yea, my carb intake was pretty darn high, for a pretty long time.

This trick, or should I say special supplement I found is so powerful that I’m still using it everyday.

Not only does it make the transition to low carb easy peasy, it has a whole host of other benefits when taken regularly. Here are just a few.

  • Supports a healthy gut microbiome by fighting harmful bacteria and viruses
  • Fights inflammation with its antioxidant properties
  • Protects the cardiovascular system by maintain heart health
  • Increases nutrient absorption through the gut

On top of that, this supplement is used directly as fuel by the body instead of being stored as fat.

One last thing, by taking this supplement, you’ll be getting the same benefits of someone on a low carb diet EVEN if you’re not eating exactly low carb.

Yes, you read that right. Your body will still burn fat for energy, you will still feel satiated, and you don’t even have to go hardcore low-carb!

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Of course, I always recommend to limit carb consumption, especially the processed, simple carbs that does nothing for us but make us sick and unhealthy.

But this supplement makes it that much easier to transition into a low carb diet. And if you don’t have plans to be on a low carb diet, this supplement will give you the same benefits!

Before I reveal this supplement to you, I need to know if you’re serious about your health.

This information is only going to help you if you take action and decide that your health is worth your time, investment, and the effort in implementing this supplement into your life.

If you’re just reading all of this for fun, I appreciate you for coming this far. But the rest of the article isn’t for you.

However, if you’re serious about improving your health, or that of a friend or relative, and you’re ready to take action and gain all the benefits this supplement has to offer, then read on.


Introducing Medium-Chain-Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, a form of oil that is much easier to digest and absorb by our gut than the long-chain-triglyceride oils found in processed fatty foods.

Just like any other product I recommend on my site, you’ll find no shortage of similar products the market place.

But my job is to give you the best of the best, not just in terms of price, but of quality, value, and of course, the trustworthiness of the product source.

For you to get the most our of MCT oils, I highly recommend Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof XCT Oil.

BulletProof XCT Oil
BulletProof XCT Oil

Why This Brand?

Environmentally Friendly

Not only does this brand give all the benefits of MCT oil as described above, it has several other special features going for it that you won’t find in any other MCT oil.

First of all, the XCT Oil is derived 100% from coconut. Many other MCT oil brands uses a combination of coconut and palm sources, the latter of which negatively impacts the habitats of orangutans in Southeast Asia.

Bulletproof has committed to harvesting only from coconut sources for their XCT Oil, which is plentiful and doesn’t endanger the habitat of endangered species.

Moreover, the bottles are made from fully recyclable BPA-free plastic bottles.

Most Potent Effects

Unlike other MCT oils on the market, XCT Oil is comprised of only Capric and Caprylic Acid, the forms of fat in MCT oil that gives the brain-power boosting and fat burning effects.

Other MCT oils consists mostly of Lauric Acid, which is a longer chain fatty acid than Capric and Caprylic. This fatty acid cannot be digested as easily, thus is not used as efficiently by the body.

All of XCT Oil is used by our system since it’s the most efficient form of MCT there is.

In addition, the 100% coconut derived fatty acids have more potent effects than palm derived fatty acids. This means we get quicker access to longer lasting energy and fat burning effects than other MCT oils.

And of course, XCT oil cannot be stored as fat in our body. We either use it up for energy or its secreted from our urine or through our breath.

It’s Just The Beginning

The benefits to the Bulletproof XCT Oil doesn’t stop there.

You can add this to any recipe you want. Since it’s odorless, flavorless, and colorless, it won’t affect the taste of your food in anyway.

Matter of fact, many have reported that this food enhanced the flavors of the food they added this to!

This makes for the perfect gift for family and friends.

Regardless if you’re looking for something to help shed those extra pounds, or looking to reverse your diabetes, or maybe just a wanting to have an easier time transitioning into a low carb diet, the XCT Oil will get the job done for you.

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Stay healthy,


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