There was a time in my life when my actions did not align with my life goals. I was very unhappy, even depressed at times. I think many people can relate to a certain feeling; the feeling of spinning your wheels; the feeling of not accomplishing what you really want or what makes you happy, even though you are doing “something” (or at least feel like you are).

Many go through long periods of time not making progress and in the state of boredom before figuring out the root cause. I was fortunate enough to discover that the misalignment of my actions with my goals was the sole source of my unhappiness. This is often the same source of unhappiness for many others as well.

The title of this post is meant to stimulate thought regarding our own personal life goals and priorities that are unique to us. It is my hope that even if you did not read a single word beyond the title, the title itself had made you think about what is really important to you.

And that is the first step in getting rid of our unhappiness, realizing what our goals and priorities are. But for many of us, it is not that we do not know what we want. As mentioned earlier, the misalignment of our actions and goals is a source of unhappiness. A quote that I always strive to live by:

“Live your life in accordance with your ideals.”

And that is typically the most difficult part of life is it not? Personally, the discipline to do what I know is good for me does not come easy. That is why the two questions making up the title is so important.


Reasons to Ask Yourself

So what do the answers to those questions do for us? For one, it helps those without any direction or drive to think about what makes life worth living to them. If this is the stage you are at, it is crucial that that you DO NOT compare yourself to anyone else. Your goals and what you want to do is specific to you and you only, no one else.

Sure, some of us may have goals that are similar, but the meaning behind it is entirely unique to us as individuals. People who share the same goals in very different situations can have dramatically different method of achieving their dreams. This is vital to keep in mind.

“some… have goals that are similar, but the meaning… is entirely unique to us as individuals”

Another reason to consider those two questions involves losing track of our path in our pursuit. Distractions or discouragement that we encounter throughout life can easily sideline us from our course; sometimes without us evening knowing it. Ever heard of the saying “Begin with an error of an inch and end by being a thousand miles off the mark”? It is easy to get distracted with minute details, even if it relates to what we are doing.

For example, an athlete has the goal to improve his performance (what athlete does not?). He knows that training and resting is the primary way to get there. However, he gets caught up in the types of supplements to take.

He ends up cutting out some of his training and rest time to study up on what supplements work best for specific activities. (I will go over my thoughts on supplementation and its proper place in an athlete’s life in a later post).

While supplements are a good thing, it is called supplements for a reason. It is not the bulk or the “meats and potatoes” of what makes a great athlete. So this distraction ends up hindering the athlete’s progression, or possibly even caused him to lose progress.

The athlete may be frustrated that he is not performing like he was before. By reassessing his goals and actions, he can see that he has been sacrificing time used for important things like training for the secondary pursuit of finding the best supplement. Thus, he can realign his actions to match his goals.

Final Thoughts

This is possibly the easiest way (that I am aware of) to make sure we are on the right track to accomplish what we want in life. Not only does it take a few seconds to do (or a few minutes if you are like me and like to ponder over different aspects), it may even help us discover new goals or interests that we may have.

Also, different ways of accomplishing those goals would come to us effortlessly as we repeat this exercise.

So I ask you again:

“What are your goals and priorities? What are your actions?”

Stay healthy,


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I've just started getting serious about health and fitness around 2014. Since then I've learned the insider info on how to optimize athletic performance and healthy living through both nutrition and proper training. The most important thing I've discovered however, is the connection between the mindset of those that excel in athletics, and those that succeed in their life pursuits. I've spent the last couple years observing and drawing these connections and similarities, finally created a platform to share with you all what I've found, and how to apply them in your own life to get similar results.

18 thoughts on “What Are Your Life Goals And Priorities? What Are Your Actions?

  1. Very helpful article for living the life you want and find the happiness everyone searches for-I am a goal oriented person it keeps me able to focus on improving my life each and everyday.

    Your advice is very simple, often we make our lives more complicated then it needs to be. I am happy I found your article today- you have motivated me to focus on my own priorities in my life now.

    1. I’m so glad that my post had motivated you! Each of us have our individual goals to strive for and one of mine is to improve the lives of those around me. You made my day with that comment!

  2. Hey man, I have to say that just like you there has been certain days when I would go to bed feeling bad and depressed about not having done anything in correlation with my goals and dreams. I was devastated. Thankfully I re-evaluated my whole situation and set different goals and began actually working towards them . The result. I began feeling happy and went to bed with much contentment. Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you for reading my post! I’m glad that others can relate to where I was at in life. That gives me confidence that they will also relate to me during the good times as well, and there are plenty of those ahead!

  3. Enjoyed reading your article and can relate about the feeling of not accomplishing what you want in life. I have tried many times before to try to accomplish goals but found it hard,
    Thought your advice was great and really helpful and especially like when you wrote – don’t compare yourself to anyone else, as I have a habit of comparing myself to others! But it’s true I should just focus on my own goals and what makes me happy
    Thanks for the information

    1. Jenny,

      I’m glad in a way that you can relate to what I went through. It really comes down to wanting something bad enough to the point that nothing stops you from achieving it. Thank you for sharing your experience.


  4. I totally agree with you that it’s important to define the goals and the priorities and put our actions in harmony with them. I have felt the same bad feeling in my life if my actions and goals haven’t been in harmony. I have written down the poster to my room’s wall to remind me every day about my goals in order to put my actions to the right track.

    Great insights! I am also writing about the same kind of things to my personal blog.

    1. Roope,

      I’m glad I help others relate to the same feeling. Just know that you’re not alone and there’s always a solution and help available if you look for it.

      I wish you all the best on you blog!


  5. Hi Wing!

    It is always refreshing to find a site that attempts to answer the most fundamental questions about life. Few individuals realize the utter importance of answering root questions before embarking on any project.

    You have excelled in touching on sensitive topics which can assist in making better entrepreneurs of us. Your site has earned a special place for those who also grapple with the issues of life.

    Keep up this great standard!

    1. Ronald,

      Thanks for the encouraging comment! It’s rewarding to know that my work is paying off.

      My hope is that every visitor leave my site in a better state than when they came in (obviously I hope they don’t leave my site at all!)


  6. Hi Wing

    Hope all is well

    Thanks for a awesome post..

    My Goals : Wow ..yes i have many goals and many dreams but every now and then i hit a point where i feel like i am just floating..i also have a bad habit of procrastinating every now and then..But yes the Action factor is what makes it. Taking action is very important yes…Thanks for the reminder..

    i like your site..

    i am looking forward to more posts like this ..

    Have a stunning day

    from Jaco

    1. Jaco,

      Thank you for the comment! I think procrastination hits everyone, and I mean everyone, at one point or another in their journey. But keep on going, I know you’ll achieve what you’ve set out to do!


  7. Howdy!

    I don’t suffer much from misdirection, but i do suffer from procrastination (or i used to).

    I remember days where i would lie in my bed, not wanting to do anything, because i didn’t see a reason.

    I realized, that there really is no reason to be alive (a little nihilistic, i know), so i figured, if i’m going to live, might just live for the fun of it!

    Thank you for this little reminder.

    1. Nemanja,

      Thanks for the comment. I think you’ll come to find in your quest for fun living that there’s a lot to live for.

      What that is, only you will know. I wish you on the best!


  8. Hi WIng

    As an athlete – in particular a long distance runner – I understood perfectly when you used the analogy of a runner and supplements.

    And you are so correct, we often lose focus on primary stuff to chase stuff that is secondary.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the topic and being open and honest by highlighting that some of the activities are not easy.


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