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As athletes, we know just how important our mobility is to us. Just like the quality of an athlete, great mobility makes great athletes, while decent mobility makes decent athletes.

Having great mobility is important for not only athletes, but the general population. It improves our circulation and the health of our joints and all the tissues involves. It’s also amazing for warming up and recovery.

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Really can’t find better bands for the price. Great tool all around regardless if we’re professional athletes or simply trying to keep our bodies healthy.

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Resistance Bands Review

One of the most popular mobility items on the market is the resistance band. With all kinds of different bands on the market, it’s difficult to decide which one works for our specific needs.

We don’t want to spend extra money on unnecessary features and unwanted bells and whistles. But we definitely don’t want to waste our money on something that doesn’t meet our standards.

What if I told you that there is a product that can meet ALL of your mobility needs? Regardless if you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, this product will keep you mobile, flexible, and strong. I’ve searched through countless number of similar products and this is the absolute best of its kind that I’ve came across.

So I introduce to you the Bestope Latex Resistance Bands.

Product Intro

This product includes 4 bands, each with different tension ranges indicated by its color. Check out the chart below for more details:

band tension chart

The bands are all about 82 inches long, which is almost 7 feet. But that’s the total length. The bands are closed loop so in practicality the length of the band is about 3.5 feet in length. The thickness of the bands are all the same, around 1/5th of an inch thick. This may not sound like much, but for mobility work we wouldn’t want too thick of a band for convenience’s sake.

Resistance Bands

The width of each band is different, and that’s what differentiates the amount of tension in each band. So besides the color, you can tell apart the bands by their width.


The Bestope latex resistance bands are one of the best resistance bands in the market today for its price. These bands are used for both strength training and mobility work. If you’re unfamiliar with mobility, I suggest checking out the difference between flexibility and mobility to see why mobility is so important.

Strength Training

There are numerous exercises that can be performed with these bands. For example, if pull-ups are a problem for us, simply loop one of the bands up and over the pull-up bar, then grab the bar and put both of our knees inside the doubled-up loops of the band. This will provide tension on our way down, which makes it easier to complete the pull-up.

This principle can be applied to any strength training exercise.

It can also be used to add resistance to an exercise, which ups the challenge. Let’s say we’re interested in getting stronger in the pushup, we’d simply put our hands on the inside of the band on opposite sides. The wrapping the band around our upper back, we can do pushups with the added tension of the band. Again, this principle of adding resistance applies to virtually any exercise we can think of.

Mobility Work

This is actually the sole reason that I bought these bands in the first place. The benefits from the tension of the bands on mobility work cannot be overstated. Having tension to pull on the muscles while they’re being mobilized adds to the effectiveness significantly. Not to mention that we can achieve much more with less time compared to without using the bands.

There are actually some mobility exercises that cannot be performed, at least properly, without the aid of resistance bands. Take for example the mobilization of the ankle joint. There is a bone in the front of our ankles called the Talus. In order for the ankle to exhibit proper mobility, the Talus must be able to “tuck” deeper into the ankle. With a mobility band, we simply anchor the band on one end and loop the other right around the Talus. Flexing our ankle with the band “pushing” on this bone not only saves us time in mobilizing the ankle, but we can be sure we have full range of motion in that joint.

Trying to achieve the same result without the use of the band is possible, but it will definitely take more time and effort.

I won’t bore you guys with any more specific examples of how these bands can be used. I think we can see the importance of this product for the overall mobility of our body.

Assisted Stretching

Another feature of these bands is in assisting our stretching exercises. If you’ve read the article on mobility vs. flexibility, you’d know the importance of flexibility and its role in how mobile our bodies can be. If we’re having a hard time with stretching a certain muscle group, these bands often times solves that problem by providing longer reach, constant tension, and the ability to stretch up to twice its unstretched length.

The number of different exercises and types of exercises we can do with these bands are virtually limitless. But what sets these bands apart from the rest in the market? Why do these work so much better than others? We’ll go over that in detail.

The Good

We’ve discuss the function of this product and its obvious benefits. Here, we will explain why it’s a better product than other similar ones on the market.

  • All tension ranges required for proper mobility work are included.
  • Great stretchability, can stretch up to twice the length of unstretched state
  • Very portable, can be rolled up to save room in gym/travel bag
  • As durable as they come, much more so than typical exercise bands
  • Extremely versatile, can be used for virtually any exercise

Not Your Typical Exercise Band

This product is much more than just your typical exercise band that spans less than a foot in length. Those exercise bands have their purpose and place in a training routine, but as for strength and most of all, mobility work? They don’t even come close to our mobility bands.

The thickness of the mobility bands are partly what contributes to their durability. They aren’t overly thick but we can tell there’s significant amount of material there. If we try the same mobility exercises on a typical exercise band, we’d either have to compromise our form or the band would simply snap due to the lack of tension that it can handle.

All The Tension You Need

For mobility work, the ranges of tension provided with this product covers virtually any mobility exercise. If you’ve done mobility work before, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. The green band in this product is meant for the heavy stuff, like hip and leg mobility. For some of us, we may have to progress up to that level of tension.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the red band, which is perfect for mobility around the more sensitive joints like the shoulders and the surrounding muscle group. The broad ranges of tensions allow for even progression and helps you keep track of where you’re at with your mobility.

Some of us may worry that our strength progression will quickly surpass the tension the bands provide. That won’t be a problem with this product. We can simply add on the other bands for increased tension. Applying multiple bands to an exercise greatly increases the load. With all the bands stretched to their max tension, we can get over 300 lbs of tension for any one exercise!

Stretchability and Portability

Another great feature of this product is how much it can be stretched without compromising the integrity of the band. The bands are about 3.5 feet in length in the unstretched state. It can be stretched up to twice it’s length without any damage. This gives a steady increase of tension throughout its stretch, allowing steady progression with our exercises.

The bands come in the package with rubber bands wrapped around each end. Be sure to save these rubber bands! They are great when it comes to saving room in luggage and gym bags. In the worst case, you can roll them up and tie another one around the roll. I’ve done this in a pinch but I prefer not to. If you do, make sure you’re not leaving them in a stretched state.

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The Bad

No product is without its downside, and these mobility bands are no exception.

  • Latex material might not be suitable for certain individuals

This is the only negative that I was able to see in these bands. As great as all the benefits are, the material itself is made of latex. Those of us with latex allergies would be better off purchasing a similar non-latex product. Although the unit price is a bit higher for the latex allergen-free alternative, I found these to be the best quality for its price.

Who Is This For?

If you’ve gotten this far, then you’re definitely interested in these mobility bands. They offer great value for anyone that’s even remotely interested in exercise and staying healthy. Those that can really use this product includes:

  • Stay at home moms and dads wanting to get in better shape
  • Professional athletes looking to keep their joints healthy
  • Weekend warriors trying to up their game to beat their friends
  • Personal training that needs something more durable and challenging for their clients
  • Physical therapists that wants more ranges of tension for their patients
  • The elderly that wants to stay active and healthy

The list can go on and on. No matter what your title is and what your fitness goals are, these bands will help you get there. They are an absolute must for anyone serious about getting in the best shape they can be.


This product comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. So for any reason that you want to return these bands (not sure why you would), you’d get a full refund of your money as long as it’s returned within 60 days of purchase.

It also has an 18-month worry-free guarantee. This way if the bands tear, wear out, or for any reason stop functioning the way its supposed to due to intended usage within 18 months of purchase, you will get a replacement for free.


The price is another big factor that gave this product such a high score. It is one of the best product of its kind for the price. A search for similar products show prices that are double or even close to triple of this one. With other products, you either have to buy them in a smaller package, such as only a single band or 2 bands, or you’re stuck with more bands than you really need, like 6 or 7 in a single package.

Either way, the unit price per band of the other products is significantly higher than that of the mobility bands shown here. I don’t see how the quality of those bands can be so much better that their prices are justified. This product will give you exactly what you need for the best price available.

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I gave this product an average score of 9.8/10. It wasn’t perfect because of the latex material. Although I personally don’t have an latex allergy, I think this poses a problem for those of us that does. But no worries, I’ve included an alternate product in this review for those allergic to latex. In case you missed that link, here it is again:  latex-allergen free alternative.

I hope you’ve found this review helpful. Let me know what you guys think of this product!

Stay healthy,


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I've just started getting serious about health and fitness around 2014. Since then I've learned the insider info on how to optimize athletic performance and healthy living through both nutrition and proper training. The most important thing I've discovered however, is the connection between the mindset of those that excel in athletics, and those that succeed in their life pursuits. I've spent the last couple years observing and drawing these connections and similarities, finally created a platform to share with you all what I've found, and how to apply them in your own life to get similar results.

11 thoughts on “Bestope Latex Resistance Bands

  1. Thank you for the detailed review. I am a big fan of working out at home, particularly with beach body programs like p90x and body beast. I traditionally used the bowflex select tech weights, but recently broke one. These seem like they may be a great alternative rather than spending money on a new set of bowflex. Do you think these will be just as effective?



    1. ​Phil,

      I’m not too familiar with a bowflex but have heard some good things about it. These bands will give you everything you need from a mobility standpoint. For strength training, the resistance will provide a challenge for the beginner and intermediate. But if you’re looking for even more tension to beef up your strength levels, then I’d recommend these. Definitely a lot more cost effective than a bowflex!


    2. Phil,

      Also you can add on additional bands for a single exercise if it’s getting too easy. You can easily increase the load to over 300 lbs with all the bands working together.


  2. As a weight lifter I often stayed away from the bands and just did the iron. But I’ve always heard good things about resistance bands I just preferred the weights. You can also wrap the bands around a dumbbell or bench press and get a better muscle contraction because at the top of a bench press or a curl the weight is actually the lightest but if you wrap a band around it – the top part of the movement has the most tension for a band and the least for the weight. Once you lower the weight the bands have less tension but the iron feels heavier. You can get an awesome pump like this!

    1. Matt,

      You arr absolutely correct with using bamds on weightlifting exercises. They provide the same function as chains would in a squat or bench. Thanks for your insight!


  3. Your website in seriously incredible! I have reviewed some of your articles before and I always learn SO much! You are super detailed and cover all your bases on your article’s topic! I love how you explain both the good in the bad very thoroughly after giving an elaborate introduction to the product. The content is just fantastic and I definitely foresee your website being very successful. Awesome work!

    1. Brenna,

      Thank you for the compliments! I’ve really been putting work into my posts and it’s very encouraging to read a comment such as yours. Thank you so much for giving me motivation to keep going. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of success on your site as well!


  4. Hi there,

    These mobility and resistance bands look awesome! Definitely something that would go great for a home workout ir street work out. Do they come with and exercise guide? I am pretty sure there and plenty of exercises for both strength and mobility that these can be used for.

    1. Derek,

      These unfortunately do not come with an exercise guide. The alternative product I’ve linked to does however.

      But in my opinion, we can get plenty of exercise information for free on the internet and also just youtube in general.


  5. Hello!

    I very like the design of your website and it is very easy to navigate. I like the review about mobility bands , because I use them my self and I can guarantee they really work. What I would like to see more are videos of you doing the reviews, it would be much more different and might get you new visitors.

    Best wishes,


    1. Tom,

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll definitely try to make more videos. They take quite a bit of time for me since I’m new to editing vids, but I’ll work on that.


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