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Throughout my very brief existence here on Earth, I’ve noticed that a lot of similarities between athletics and life, especially the role the mindset plays in both. It seems that successful athletes share common characteristics with others that are successful in life in general. The same seems to be true for the flip side. The relationship between athletics and living life are not going to be spelled out to a T here. This is done with the intention so that you see the connections for yourself, which makes it take much more powerful.

In addition to that, the content here serves to help each one of us unlock our potential to flourish and thrive. Yes, not just to exist, or even live, but THRIVE. Whether that is excelling at your career, being the best husband/wife/father/mother, etc., or contributing to society in one way or another, the information here will help you do exactly that. But that’s not all…

Besides learning how you can live a fulfilling life, you have an open platform to share your ideas with others. Comments are always welcomed and thought-stimulating conversations are encouraged. I have as much to learn from you as everyone else here!

I invite you to take a look around and let me know what you think.

To get you started, here are a sample of what you can expect:


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The Magical Goji Berry

Goji Berry

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Link Between Our Personalities and Organ Health


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